Watts London is uniquely placed as the voice of sartorial elegance and the champion of British Gothic Revival tradition.


Our story starts with three of the most important Gothic Revival architects of the 19th Century: George Frederick Bodley, Thomas Garner and George Gilbert Scott junior. Thus was born Watts and Co., a powerhouse of design and craftsmanship to rival the likes of William Morris.


In its early premises at 30 Baker Street, Watts & Co offered their dazzling products for display in the shop frontage, and featured work rooms for their team of seamstresses and embroiderers.

At 30 Baker Street, Watts even had its own embroidery school, where experts could pass on the intricacies of their craft. Watts became widely known for its outstanding embroidery, which was a key component of the Gothic Revival’s interest in medieval textiles. Indeed, the ‘Opus Anglicanum’ style of fine needlework in the Middle Ages was the best in the world and desired by monarchs and clerics throughout Europe; Watts & Co was and is at the forefront of keeping that unique and extraordinary tradition alive.


Now, with over a century of expertise in furnishing cathedrals, palaces and private homes, and creating exquisite bespoke garments, we are delighted to launch a new brand, Watts London: a collection of the finest sartorial garments which fuse our Gothic Revival roots with modern, relaxed tailoring.